Heath Products

Lions’ Gate Wellness proudly supports Canadian manufacturers wherever possible, including Douglas Labs, AOR, and Nature’s Aid.

We also sell Traumeel Cream, “Genalgesic Forte” cream, Biofreeze, cervical (orthopedic) pillows, leg spacers, thermophore hot packs, and theracanes.
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KALAYA Natural Pain Relieving Rub & Anti Inflammatory

We use KALAYA Cream, both at work and at home. This is one of our favourite products. KALAYA Contains GlucosamineĀ  Sulphate, MSM, Emu Oil, Menthol & Camphor Oil, and Methyl Salicyclate. Made in Canada (Waterloo, ON). (And it won’t stain your clothing.)

What makes it so good? It works. See below…

kalayahandsSubject: 45-year-old male
Occupation: Blacksmith, rigorous hand work
Condition: early stage osteoarthritis/stiffness

  • In photo, colour range is Blue (cool) to Red (hot) temperature range is about 7Ā°C.
  • Note surface temperature of fingers prior to application of Pain Rub is similar to ambient temperature.
  • Three minutes after application note increase in temperature of skin at fingers.

Effects of product application

Surface blood vessels /arterioles and capillaries have dilated, increasing local blood flow, which triggers the sensation of ‘heat’ in the area small nerve fibres through which pain signals are generated are also stimulated and this large scale small stimulation reduces pain transmission to the brain through the spinal gateways (Counter irritant effect).
After the capillaries dilate and the vascular bed is more available, the MSM is transported into the local area to begin its anti-inflammatory action.
This concerted action is facilitated by the cream base which is designed to release the active ingredients on contact with the skin.


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