Hot Stone Massage by Amanda Elliott BSc RMT

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a massage where I use smooth, heated stones as an extension of my own hands. The hot stones are very relaxing and can also allow me to do a gentle soothing massage, or a deeper penetrating massage as the heat works faster to loosens the muscle tissue.

Every hot stone massage is different. In my version of hot stone massage I use the stones and then I do some massage. I alternate this way,  back and forth between stones and hands, until I feel your muscles turn into mush. If you like heat, I guarantee you will love the hot stone massage.

However, I can also do hot and cold stone massage. This technique is very good for injuries. It is a hydrotherapy technique where you apply heat and cold to a muscle to cause vasoconstriction (narrowing or constriction) and vasodilatation  (widening or dilation) of the veins and arteries to increase circulation to the area in need. This increase in blood flow and stimulation of the nerves and immune system will  significantly improve healing time.

So whether you want to relax, work out some chronic nagging aches and pains, or have an injury that you want to go away, hot or cold stone will work for you.

Take time for yourself, and fell better. Come in and give hot stone massage a try.

Appointments are one hour, or an hour and a half in length.

Warmest Regards,
Amanda Elliott, RMT

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